Our Story
YUMAX and HowDidiDo Media joined forces in a merger which saw the creation of a new multi-faceted company, YUMAX Group. The exciting merger brings together the UK & Ireland’s largest and most engaged golf community and a leading golf sales & marketing agency.
With over 30 years’ experience of the golf industry, YUMAX Group’s goal is simple. We want to deliver a range of services, under one roof, that ultimately provides across the board strategies and solutions for companies looking to drive their businesses forward in the world of golf.


Sales & Distribution

One of the core pillars of our business is our ability to connect brands with the best sales and distribution channels through our experience as master agents for leading brands, including Skechers and Nikon. With a network of agents across the UK & Ireland as well as Continental Europe we are perfectly placed to help new and existing brands achieve their sales objectives.


When it comes to managing and running high-profile events, YUMAX Group is blessed to have an experienced team of event experts who have delivered for a wide variety of leading golf and corporate brands. We work closely with our partners to ensure all logistics are covered in minute detail and expectations are continually surpassed.

PR & Marketing

Our industry-leading PR & Marketing team thrives on creating innovative and impactful campaigns for our clients that work in unison with the sales mechanism to driver their businesses forward. With a combined 25 years’ experience in the industry, the company enjoys close working relationships with leading golf and lifestyle media across the UK, Europe and Asia.

Video Production

With the way we consume our media rapidly changing and video content becoming so important, YUMAX Group has been quick to invest in the very best camera and editing equipment. Our team features experts in their field who have worked on the golf production team at Sky Sports, so we are perfectly placed to deliver a range of content creation services and strategies.

Media Planning

Our in-house commercial team manages campaigns with significant budgets across multiple media platforms, from traditional print media and online to social media and TV. Alongside our ability to get the very best rates, we are constantly analysing new trends to ensure we maximise our clients spend and reach their target audiences in the most effective manner.

Creative design

Branding your products and services, and effectively communicating that brand is essential in determining success in marketing and building value for your products and organisation. Implementing an effective programme of communications between a business, its client base and those audiences essential to its success is a key element of an online marketing strategy.


Our team has vast experience working across a broad range of sectors in the golf industry and are perfectly placed to offer a wide range of consultancy services. We truly understand golf and we know how to build successful campaigns and strategies to help you and your business drive effective results.


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Barry Dyett


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Richard Peabody


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Roger Wolfe

Managing Director

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Ben Hawksworth

Head of Marketing & Operations

Ben is our creative genius who is responsible for the strategies and ensuring the over-arching look of our owned brands as well as delivering in-bound marketing strategies for our stable of clients. Ben is always one step ahead, with his natural flair for design and golf industry knowledge.

Martin Hopley

Head of Strategy & Content

James Bunch

Head of Commercial

Andrew Noyce

Content & Operations Manager

Content & Operations Manager

Charlie Douglass

Marketing Manager

A former member of the Ladies European Tour, Charlie is well known in the golf world. Her affection for the game, coupled with her strong writing skills and expert knowledge of social media, has seen her excel in creating targeted Social media and in-bound marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Alex Dyett

Marketing Manager

Alex works alongside Ben managing and creating newsletter campaigns on behalf of Howdidido’s portfolio of market-leading clients as well as our own YUMAX Group brands. His passion for photography and design as well as his creative input make Alex an integral part of the team.

George Stead

Marketing Executive

With his passion for golf, natural flair for writing and expert knowledge of social media, George brings an array of essential skill sets to YUMAX Group. George is responsible for copywriting for both our clients and owned brands, as well as delivering impactful social media strategies and campaigns.